Vulnerability analysis:
assessing the risk of predation and improving your protection

The vulnerability diagnosis identifies the factors likely to expose the herd to the risk of attack. Over 2 to 4 days, the service looks in particular at :

  1. The configuration of the mountain pasture and its environment
  2. The farm's protection scheme
  3. Pastoral management
  4. Interactions between herds, wolves and dogs
  5. The challenge of multi-use of the mountains
  6. The work of the livestock protection dogs...
The equipment used

The equipment used

Cistole uses the latest technologies to gather knowledge about the behaviour of predators, collect evidence of their presence and understand their interactions with protection dogs.

  1. Thermal cameras with night vision
  2. Photo and video traps
  3. GPS collar tracking for guard dogs

The aims : The vulnerability analysis assesses the presence of the predator and the level of predation on the farm. It targets the actions that need to be improved or implemented to reduce the risk of attacks on the herd.

The deliverables : The vulnerability analysis provides a documented assessment of the current situation, together with recommendations. It may use data from pastoral diagnoses or previous studies, when available. The report is intended for the livestock farmers and shepherds. It may also be sent to land managers and owners.

Vulnerability analysis: who is it for ? This service is aimed at farmers and shepherds wishing to understand the risk of predation by wolves or bears. It is suitable for new installations interested in setting up a protection scheme, as well as for activities already facing the problem of predation. The vulnerability analysis applies to all areas, whether lowlands or mountains, where the presence of the predator is known or merely suspected.

The Cistole method

The Cistole method


  • Because of its configuration, environment and organisation, every farm is unique! My advice is independent, individual and personalised. 
  • A vulnerability analysis is not an evaluation. My approach is technical and impartial. It aims to create a positive dynamic for progress. 
  • Confidentiality is the guiding principle of my observations. Access is restricted to those to whom the analysis is addressed.
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Cistole, a structure approved
by the DRAAF Auvergne Rhône-Alpes

My services for livestock farmers and shepherds fall within the official framework of the "National Action Plan on the Wolf and Livestock Activities". As such, they are eligible for financial support, subject to certain conditions. You want to carry out a vulnerability analysis of your mountain pasture and your herd? Please contact me!

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