Sociability and livestock
protection aptitude test

To be able to fulfil their mission reliably and effectively, guard dogs need to demonstrate specific skills. When faced with a threat, they are expected to show discernment and reserve their aggressive behaviour for predators. They should be calm with domestic animals and show respect for the shepherd, but distrust and deterrence towards strangers. The behaviour test measures the dogs' level of education, their ability to protect the herd and to adapt to unpredictable events. It also assesses their sociability and psychological stability.

The aims : The test checks whether the dogs have the characteristics expected to ensure the protection of the herd: interest and respect of the dogs for the livestock, reaction to a potential threat, response to an unfamiliar individual or a destabilising stimulus, relationship between the dog and its keeper, etc. The assessment makes it easier to solve problems or anticipate abuses linked to the behaviour of the dogs.

The deliverables : The test lasts from a few hours to several days and ends with the issue of a report. This document is sent to the owner of the dogs. The report contains advice and corrective measures for modifying specific behaviours, avoiding situations that could present a particular risk or improving the control of dogs in certain contexts.

Who is the dog behaviour test for ? The dog's sociability and aptitude for protecting herds is a decision-making tool for breeders. Dogs must be at least 18 months old. It takes place in the presence of the herd, on the farm or in a pastoral environment. As behaviour can change over time, the test can be repeated several times during the dog's life.

The Cistole method

The Cistole method

  • I use a test protocol approved by the Société Centrale Canine.
  • I take care to establish an open dialogue with breeders to advise them as best I can.
  • I write reports that take into account the known history of the dogs and the degree of flexibility specific to each farm.  
  • When the report is issued, I organise a meeting with the dog keeper to answer any questions and adapt the recommendations as best I can.
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Cistole, a structure approved
by the DRAAF Auvergne Rhône-Alpes

My services for livestock farmers and shepherds fall within the official framework of the "National Action Plan on the Wolf and Livestock Activities". As such, they are eligible for financial support, subject to certain conditions. Would you like to assess the aptitudes of your protection dogs with a behaviour test ?

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